Repeater Controllers and Repeater Systems

**** Changes in Version 6.033*****


Removed Tone Only Access selection as it caused more confusion than it solved issues. User may still
select between Carrier Only and Tone/Carrier Access modes

Removed Courtesy Tone capability on non-repeating Ports for now.

**** Changes in Version 6.032 ****
Adds capability of generating Courtesy Tones on non-repeating Ports. You will have to adjust CT timing as needed
Note: The above has temporarily been removed so there is not longer CT on non-repeating Ports for now

Adds capability of running a Macro using RCP's Manual Data Send feature and allows controller to speak in response.

**** Changes in Version 6.03 *****
Changed how Kerchunk Timer timeout happens. It is now controlled  by a programming timer

New command:
*1008x where x = 0 to 255 seconds

**** Changes in Version 6.02 *****

Fixed bug (caused by changes in new compiler) in Kenwood TM-V71a programming. When going from radio memory to VFO (manual frequency entry),
radio didn't always change back to VFO mode although radio programmed correctly.

Fixed bug that affected recalled Remote Base Memories above 11 in RTC Module.

SpeechOverride and Speech ID Override weren't working properly. They now are

Fixed CTCSS recall for Kenwood TM-271 and later generation radios to match changes made by KenwoodFixed issue with Pending IDs being sent even though there was no activity after Initial ID

Fixed issue with Memory Recall with certain radios. If recalling radio memories from Kenwood TM-271/281/V7 radios, use 0 as Band. For example to recall Memory 5 in a TM-271, enter <Remote Base Prefix> 0 5. To recall Memory 15, enter <Remote Base Prefix> 0 1 5 and so on.

Fixed issue with Ports not properly keying if another Port needed to speak or generate a tone (including Courtesy Tones)

Fixed bug introduced involving erasing a DVR track not properly releasing Port audio. This caused a recording failure if done immediately after erasing a DVR Track

Fixed issue where Macro Function 345 (DVR "echo" record) didn't release PTT on non-repeating Port

Fixed issue with speech causing PTT dropouts on zero hangtime (or non-repeating) Ports

Fixed issue with Timeout (and Timeout Cancel) messages sent to wrong Port if Ports are linked)

Fixed issue with DVR Erase Command not responding to proper Port

Fixed issue with IDs always running (based on Pending ID Timer) is ID Start on PTT was selected

Fixed issue with Macro Function 230-235 (Kerchunk Filtering ON/OFF)

Added new Macro Functions to allow callback of Meter High/Low readings
570 - 577 Readback A/D Channel 1 - 8 Stored Low
578 - 585 Readback A/D Channel 1 - 8 Stored High
TimeOut Timers (TOT) may now be selected as to when they are reset after a user unkeys
*2122x where x =
0 = TOT reset after COS
1 = TOT reset after CT Seg1
2 = TOT reset after CT Seg2
3 = TOT reset after CT Seg3
4 = TOT reset after CT Seg4
Changed how PTT for each Port is handled (eliminated callback to other Ports)
Increased Stop ID/Timeout Timer period from 30 to 60 seconds
Fixed bug in Meter Alarms that caused it to trigger both going into Alarm condition and returning back from it. This caused Macros to run when they shouldn't have.

Fixed bug with Kenwood TS-2000 Memory Recall. Format to recall is:

<Remote Base Prefix> 7 <3 digit memory>
Examples (assuming Prefix is A7)

A77012  Recall Memory 12
A77121  Recall Memory 121
A77299  Recall Memory 299

Removed code that stored link status when serial communications occured, unlinked all Port and then restored the save status after serial comm finished. This was legacy code to prevent RCP operations from being interfered with by linked Ports. This problem was corrected long ago so no need for this feature any longer.
Added watchdog reset statement to memory download routine to accomodate longer download times.
Fixed Kerchunk Timer bug that allowed cumulative keyups to override it.
Added new feature to allow selection of ID Timer algorithm to start on either COS or PTT activity. This is global and not Port specific.
*2121x where x=0 to start on COS, x=1 to start on PTT
If RTC is installed, it will automatically be read every minute and its values applied to the RC210's onboard clock/calendar. This will result in a much more accurate clock on the RC210 and you may delete any Clock Correction Factor you may currently be applying if you have the RTC installed.
Resets were sometimes caused by RTC falsely signalling it had data to send. This caused program to hang until Watchdog Timer reset. This is now fixed.
Added new Doug Hall RBI-1 function to allow turning off radio power
If the RBI-1 is selected as Radio Type only:
<RB Prefix>9 x
x = 1  Low Power
x = 2 Mid Power
x = 3 High Power
x = 5 Radio Power OFF
Selecting 1, 2 or 3 will turn radio Power ON
Fixed bug where if RCP was used right after a controller start, it would error due to extraneous data being present in the serial buffer.
Changed speech routines that were causing conflict with COS activity. If speech needed to occur while COS was active, controller could lock up and cause a reset.
Fixed Clock Correction factor error which didn't program correctly.
SayVersion now plays out Port 1 ONLY if Port 1 is in Repeat Mode.
When SayVersion is called by Programming Command *299999, it now is directed to whichever Port the DTMF command was entered from, not just Port 1 as before.
Fixed problem with Meter Alarm programming.
Fixed problem with Port Switches programming if Pre Command Prefix was defined.
Fan Select was reversed (command *2119) so RCP and DTMF command set it backwards from how the Manual explained it should work. This is fixed.
Added new command that allows the interrogation of Scheduler Setpoints.
*4010 <Setpoint # 1- 20)
If Suspended, it will be reported as STOP
If Resumed, it will be reported as START
Added new feature to allow erasing of Message Macros. Programming a single 0 will erase that Macro
Example: *2103 12 0 will erase Message Macro 12
Fixed bug in Macro Function 085
Disable Interrupts during RTC and AP1 reads to prevent framing errors when reading serial stream from them.
Fixed issue with non-repeating Ports dropping PTT if weak signal that chops is received on another Port that is linked to it.
Completely reworked RTC download and read routines for greater reliability.
Fixed problem with A/D High/Low storage.
CHANGE: Icom serial speed now Icom serial speed now 9600 instead of previous 4800
Added programming parameters for: (see below)
Remote Base Memories 11 - 40
DTMF Memories 21 - 50
Message Macros 41 - 70
*************** NEW AND CHANGED  MACRO FUNCTIONS***********************
There are now additional Macro Functions to support the RTC Memories and some existing Macro Function.

Numbers have been changed (reassigned). Specifically:

CHANGE: Macro Subset Disable/Enable used to be 397 - 398. They are now 356 - 357
NEW: New Macro Functions that allow you to use Receiver Activity to run Macros, based on whether that receiver is going active or inactive (If ON, going Active calls one Macro, going Inactive calls a different Macro)
Port 1 Receiver Activity ON 358
Port 2 Receiver Activity ON 359
Port 3 Receiver Activity ON 360
Port 1 Receiver Activity OFF 361
Port 2 Receiver Activity OFF 362
Port 3 Receiver Activity OFF 363
NEW programming command for above
*2113 y xx where y = 1 to program Receiver Active Macro, 0 to program Receiver InActive Macro. xx = Macro 01-90
CHANGE: General Timer Start and Stop Function Number now:
347 General Timer 1 Start
348 General Timer 1 Start
349 General Timer 1 Start
350 General Timer 1 Stop
351 General Timer 1 Stop
352 General Timer 1 Stop
NEW: Remote Base Power Select Macro Functions
353  - Remote Base Power Select 1
354  - Remote Base Power Select 1
355  - Remote Base Power Select 1
NEW: Macros to call Extended Logic Outputs
364 - 371 - Extended UF 1 to 8 ON
372 - 379 - Extended UF 9 to 16 ON
380 - 387 - Extended UF 17 to 24 ON
388 - 395 - Extended UF 25 to 32 ON
396 - 403 - Extended UF 1 to 8 PULSE
404 - 411 - Extended UF 9 to 16 PULSE
412 - 419 - Extended UF 17 to 24 PULSE
420 - 427 - Extended UF 25 to 32 PULSE
428 - 435 - Extended UF 1 to 8 OFF
436 - 443 - Extended UF 9 to 16 OFF
444 - 451 - Extended UF 17 to 24 OFF
452 - 459 - Extended UF 25 to 32 OFF
NEW: Functions for RTC Memories and Clock/Calendar
NEW: Play Message Macro 41 - 70 Functions 460 -489
NEW: Recall Remote Base Memories 11 - 40 Functions 490 - 520 (note: there is no Function 510)
NEW: DTMF Memory 21 - 50 Functions 521 - 550
NEW: Load Clock and Calendar with RTC value - Function 551
NEW: Macro Functions to allow CTCSS During ID ON & OFF
Function 552  CTCSS During ID ON (which Port based on Port Steering)
Function 553  CTCSS During ID OFF (which Port based on Port Steering)
NEW: Reset Controller - Function 561

CHANGE: Suspend Setpoint 1 - 20 used to be 351 - 370. They are now 660 - 679
CHANGE: Resume Setpoint 1 - 20 used to be 371 - 390. They are now 680 - 699
CHANGE: Call Macro 1 - 90 used to be 401 - 490. They are now 701 - 791 (note: there is no Function 765)
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