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This is caused by a bug in Windows© in which the 'Windows State' in RCP's .ini file is set to = 1.  That indicates that the Window was minimized when the program closed (in this case force closed).  The next time the program is opened, it will open in that state (minimized).

Under normal circumstance, you should be able to right click on the program in the toolbar, tell it to 'Restore', and it should restore back to the correct value in ini file's settings.

But that doesn't work in this instance because Windows© is setting the 'Window Top' and 'Window Left' parameters (how Windows determines where on the screen to display the program)  to negative numbers and those negative numbers prevent the window from restoring back to where it should be. This is the bug we're referring to.

The solution is to close the program, open the rcp.ini file with a text editor (any text editor or even Notepad or Wordpad), take the five lines in the [Update] section

Window Width=3120
Window Height=4125
Window Top=3765
Window Left=8175
Window State=0

and paste them over the corresponding lines in the [Main] section. Then save the ini.  The next time you open the program, it should open normally. You can then drag the RCP Window where you like on your desktop. Close the program and your new settings will be written to your .ini file. RCP will now open properly on your desktop.

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Created : 2012-12-16 10:27:48, Last Modified : 2012-12-16 10:33:42

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