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ADR Interface

The ADR Interface allows the connection of an external repeater controller to the Yaesu DR-1x Fusion Repeater while still retaining the automatic mode selection capability of the repeater. The DR-1x only allows the use of an external controller for analog operation of the repeater however.

While the ADR was designed for use with our RC210 in mind, it will work with any repeater controller on the market.

Need for the interface

The Yaesu DR-1x has some significant issues when being used with an external repeater controller. First and foremost, if your controller is connected as Yaesu recommends, the repeater is no longer capable of operation in digital mode. This is a distinct drawback. Secondly, if a digital signal does appear on the input while the external controller tries to transmit (such as sending an ID or other timed message), the DR-1x will lock up, requiring a power down/power up cycle to reset. This is obviously not a good thing!

What our ADR does is allow the external controller to take control of the repeater as long as there isn’t current digital activity. If there is digital activity, the interface prevents the external controller from trying to key the repeater. As soon as the digital signal disappears and the DR-1x’s transmitter drops (there is no hang time when in digital mode), the external controller may once again take control. The ADR also prevents digital signals from grabbing control from the external controller while its PTT is active. Both of these actions prevent the DR-1x from locking up. In addition, the ADR generates critical timing and carefully controls the application of PTT and other select signals the DR-1x requires in order to work with an external controller.

For the schematic and other technical information about the ADR click here

Please be advised that due to the overwhelming response, ADR order will be shipped  3 - 4 weeks after ordered.

  •  Just the programmed microprocessor and you build the rest for $15
  •  PC board with the programmed microprocessor only for $25. You supply the other parts needed (only a handful)

  • The complete pc board with all parts installed and no CTCSS Decoder/Encoder for $55. You supply this, the cables and the rest.

  •  The complete pc board with all parts installed INCLUDING CTCSSDecoder/Encoder for $90. You supply the cables and the rest.

  • A complete "plug and play" solution for $175

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