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 RAD Repeater Audio Delay 




Our RAD has been completely redesigned to improve performance and be less expensive! Using latest state-of-the-art Codec IC, all versions of our RAD offers all-digital high performance operation. By using the RAD, you can eliminate squelch bursts when user unkey their radios and also completely mute all DTMF.

The RAD provides gated audio to allow the RAD to properly deal with non-gated audio from your receiver(s). This eliminates problems often found in other designs.

The RAD can provide from 6 milliseconds to over 600 milliseconds of delay, selectable by easy trimpot adjustment

Our new design incorporates one PC Board for all 3 versions - this reduces the amount of space needed in our RC210R Rack Mount Enclosure to allow for more available room.

The RAD is offered in 3 different versions depending on your needs.

Each version of the RAD contains completely independent delay circuits so there is no interaction between Ports.

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