Repeater Controllers and Repeater Systems

AP1 Intelligent Autopatch


Utilizing its own onboard microprocessor, the AP1 provides all the features you expect in an autopatch:


  • Doesn't tie up a radio port
  • Allows the RC210 to be controlled and programmed from the phone line
  • 200 Autodial memories
  • Selectable toll restrictions by area code
  • Selectable long distance restriction
  • Black list of phone numbers, using specific phone numbers or wildcards
  • FCC registered under Part 68
  • Reverse Patch
  • Programmable Time Out Timer
  • Programmable number of rings to answer or disable Answer
  • Programmable Answer Security Code
  • Resettable Command Timer that automatically hangs up after 2 minutes of non-activity from phone line
  • Onboard, dedicated DTMF decoder
  • Regenerated DTMF used to dial phone number (selectable to allow DTMF from radio to be used to dial)
  • No external power needed. The AP1 draws its operating power from the RC210

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