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CPU Upgrade Program


In August of 2016, the microprocessor (CPU) used in the RC210 was replaced with a new design. We made this change as we had run out of memory available in the older CPU, which prevented us from continuing to develop additional features that our customers had asked for. This new processor doubled the amount of available program memory and we have incorporated many new and exciting features!

If you have an older version pc board (with the old processor), fear not! Your board can be retrofitted with the new CPU for nominal cost! You can order just the upgraded CPU and change them out yourself or, if you're not comfortable (or capable) of working with surface mount devices (SMD), you can send in your pc board and we'll change it out for you. And most of the time, we can transfer your existing configuration (including DVR tracks) into the new CPU.

The cost for the CPU only is $25. If you send us just the pc board (using proper anti-static precautions of course), we'll change it out for you for only $50 and that includes the return shipping.

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